Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) improve the recruitment process?

Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment Process


Can you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the recruitment process? Will AI speed things up? Will AI improve the recruitment process or NOT?

In today’s day and age, AI has passed crucial tests and emerged as a winner in a number of fields. Talking about the recruitment process, AI has definitely many positive things to offer to recruiters.

It’s extremely important to find the right prospect for all sorts of jobs. As a recruiter, you should be highly careful about hiring the right person. Otherwise, it’s directly going to harm the organization’s productivity. Therefore, AI is definitely a ray of hope to improve the recruitment process.

When there’s a large applicant pool, it really becomes a tough job to pick and choose.

Hence, the recruiters are now giving the important responsibility of recruitment to AI in 2021 and the same trend is going to be in the talks for many years ahead!

So, let’s dig right into it and see how AI is beneficial in the recruitment process!

Here we go!

  • What is AI for the recruitment process?

Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment

AI for the recruitment process simply defines the use of Artificial Intelligence in hiring the right people for jobs.

It involves the functioning of a computer and the intellect of a human to do the best in a task!

Repetitive and cumbersome tasks that are not possible for a human. Or a human who might make an error in them. So, these are the tasks for AI.

AI very efficiently raises the bar and does the job without any difficulty. Moreover, AI automates a number of duties and everything starts happening on its own.

In the coming years, screening, testing, and evaluation will ALL be the sole responsibility of AI.

  • How AI has changed the role of a recruiter?

Recruiters might not do the conventional tasks these days. But, they are doing other important things.

AI in the recruitment process calls for a better present and an even better tomorrow! Thus, human recruiters are fortunately making some solid developments. Predictions say that in the coming future, AI will completely modify the role of recruiting, considering how effective it does the job today!

Let’s have a look at the 3 major ways in which AI will change the recruiter’s role:

  • Recruiters will not waste their time in reactive backfilling. Rather, they’ll be more active in performing strategic hiring.
  • Recruiters will build never-ending relationships with their potential employees. Also, it’s going to determine the best place where a potential employee can be a lot more useful than ever.
  • Recruiters will be able to perform everything quickly as they’ll have everything at their fingertips, thanks to AI. Moreover, the quality of applicants and hires would be much better.

  • What are the advantages of using AI for the recruitment process?

Without AI, will the world survive in the coming future? Well, the world is changing and it requires modern technology to run it in an effective manner.

There are a number of advantages of AI in the recruitment process. Let’s have a look at them:

  • AI Automates the tasks that help a recruiter to sit-back and relax

Artificial Intelligence

In the earlier days, the recruiters had to go through a lot of hassles. They were doing monotonous and tedious tasks which became uninteresting as time passed. Plus, there were a lot of problems and errors in the end results. Therefore, there was always a need for technology that could improve things.

Now, AI has given the amazing opportunity to the recruiters to sit back and relax while AI handles the bulk of the work!

Although AI works in coordination with the recruiters. However, it’s definitely possible that in the future, AI might control everything based on a set of huge data.

  • AI Refines the quality of the recruitment process

How to get hired

Will you settle for less? Will you be okay with a low-quality hire that will produce half of the output when the potential is definitely available for more?

Well, AI has definitely refined the quality of the recruitment process. Now, companies are able to hire the optimal people for certain jobs which were not possible before the advent of AI.

AI helps in laying down a system that matches the potential employees’ expertise with the company’s requirements.

  • AI looks after the dull and tiresome tasks


Screening and interviewing thousands of applicants is a job no one likes. However, a recruiter is bound to perform his/her role. At the end of the day, the outcome is seriously tested and not up to the mark.

Nevertheless, AI has the potential of looking after a large number of tasks with equal efficiency, nothing less, and nothing more!

The automation of time-consuming tasks with robust enthusiasm is something no one can ensure, but AI can with full honesty and no cheating.

AI in the recruitment process is definitely a godsend that’s going to leverage the future throughput of organizations. Small-scale and large-scale, both organizations will take help from AI, if not today, but tomorrow, for sure!

  • AI ensures hiring of the fit candidate

Artificial Intelligence for Recruitment process

Potential employees make their CVs and try to put the right keywords in them so that the companies can spot them. However, it’s definitely possible that an employee might miss using the right keywords but he/she might be the best amongst the entire applicant pool.

So, with AI, there will be no chances of missing out on an employee that might be great for your business.

AI doesn’t rely on keywords. It works on the basis of huge data that contains the right indicators that help in selecting and hiring the right people.

Plus, the process would be lightning-fast and you’ll not get good, rather BEST!

The Bottom Line

So, here we discussed the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process. If today an organization is not using AI to hire people, in the coming years, they’ll have to use it, no matter what. The growing popularity of AI in every field is an indicator that no one can stay away from it.

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