A look into the future: What will the Artificial Intelligence Industry look like in 10 years from now?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will serve as the main driver of emerging technologies like automation, big data, nanotechnology, robotics, virtual assistant, and the internet of things (IoT). AI will lead the future of every industry and will also make the world fully digitalized. There is a general assumption that by 2030, AI will bring dramatic changes into these fields.

  • Evolution in the Medical Sector

AI will make a great revolution in the medical field from data analysis to diagnosis & treatment. Firstly, the use of AI will increase the ease of carrying out these processes. In addition to that, AI will also decrease medical costs because it will ensure increased accuracy in diagnosis, better predictions in treatment plans, and more effective prevention of diseases. The antibiotic ‘halicin’, which is currently used as an enzyme inhibitor, was identified by AI researchers. In the near future, medical science will be able to predict, and detect pandemic situations using AI. Eventually, AI will replace human physicians.

  • AI-Based Transportation 

AI will provide us with more speed & safety in transportation. The use of AI-driven cars on our roads will soon be on the rise. The use of such cars will reduce traffic jams, road accidents, and driving time. Popular and top-class brands like Apple and Tesla have already introduced AI-based cars.
AI-based cars need data for programming and guidance. Moreover, AI in transportation will enable the collection of traffic data to improve the scheduling of public transport. Various sensors will provide data inputs. AI will process the data and make decisions that will drive the car and hence, users of AI-based cars will be able to enjoy more luxurious journeys.

  • Virtual Assistant Will Make Life More Luxurious

The virtual assistant is a recent remarkable invention. Virtual assistants work like human beings with artificial intelligence. We can assume rightly that the demand for and use of AI-based assistants will increase soon. AI assistants will make human life easier, comfortable, and luxurious. These assistants will understand different types of commands and perform complex tasks.

  • Roles of Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Construction engineering and management (CEM) will be computerized with the adoption of artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, these advantages in CEM will be possible:
– knowledge reasoning,
– information fusion,
– process mining,
– risk mitigation,
– high efficiency,
– digitalization, and
– computer vision.

  • AI Will Be Deployed In War Zones

It will soon be possible to deploy AI-based robots in war zones. AI-based robots will carry out risky tasks and defense works. They will also prevent industrial hazards. Nighttime flights that use AI will perform better without any life hazards. AI robots do not need commanders. They will perform efficiently using their inbuilt program.

  • AI Will Decrease the Value of Human Beings

Though AI has various advantages, it will be the main cause of unemployment. Compared to humans, AI can perform huge tasks more easily and rapidly. AI will reduce the value of human emotion & relationships with each other. Human emotion will become robotic and be dependent on robots. Also, the more we introduce AI into our world, the more we will lose natural balance.
AI is a burning question of this time. We are developing and using it more often every day. The ethical use of AI will make the world more beautiful and comfortable for us.

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