Is C++ capable of driving Artificial Intelligence?


Whenever we talk about artificial intelligence, we often relate it to the programming language Python, not specifically C++. But, it does not mean that C++ cannot be used in AI. C++ can do wonders in the programming domain of AI  and is one of the fastest programming languages available today. C++ always comes in the list of top programming languages used for AI.

In this article, we will be revealing how C++ is beneficial in AI and the reasons why it is not widely used.

Let’s get started!

C++ in Artificial Intelligence

When stepping into the programming field, most of us usually choose C++ as our first programming language to learn programming basics and handle data structures efficiently. So, C++ becomes a well-known language.

But, the question arises “Can we use C++ in AI as well?”

The question is itself wrong because C++ is already being used in many different areas of AI effectively. The reason is that C++ is a flexible language and is always treated as a standard language in the programming world. Did you know that almost every AI framework has its core written in C++?
Yes, that’s true!

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using C++ in AI.


  • C++ is one of the fastest languages present. The program execution time could be reduced significantly due to its ability to interact with the hardware. It is a perfect programming language for time-sensitive projects of AI.
  • C++ can be used effectively for statistical techniques.
  • C++ can be used to write algorithms for speed execution. Most of the libraries are written in the C++ language.
  • Many researchers are using C++ because of its ability to modify even a minute piece of information of the program without affecting its overall structure.
  • TensorFlow is implemented in C++, as well as many other large-scale learning frameworks (e.g. caffe, vowpal wabbit, libsvm).
  • C++ is very efficient for working in an embedded environment and can save the cost of additional Virtual Machines.
  • Because of its high level of performance and efficiency, C++ is perfect for AI in games, robot locomotion, and rapid execution of projects.
  • Memory management becomes easy with C++.


  • Writing and Debugging a C++ code for ML/AI algorithms is very difficult if we compare it with other AI programming languages. It consumes high time in developing.
  • C++ has relatively complex syntax.
  • Maintaining C++ programs is difficult.
  • We have to deal with memory leak, overflow, and garbage management when using C++.

C++ Vs Python

As we are all well aware of the importance and usage of the programming language Python. It is a high level and also a multi-purpose language. Python is the most widely used programming language in AI because it has the simplest syntax and anyone can learn it easily. Just like C++, Python has a lot of frameworks and libraries. It also supports both procedural development and object-oriented paradigms.

C++ is generally referred to as a performant language while Python is referred to as a productive language.

The following is a comparison between C++ and Python,

  • Python is easy to learn and write as compared to C++
  • Both C++ and Python have lots of libraries and frameworks
  • Both languages have a large community of users all around the world
  • C++ is a very suitable language for mobile and game development whereas Python is not good for such areas
  • Python allows us to think and write the deepest of our ideas with little to no effort compared to C++
  • Tracking an error in code is difficult in Python
  • C++ is faster than Python in terms of in-code execution
  • Developing in C++ takes much longer time  than in Python   


C++ is technically a more powerful programming language than other AI programming languages. However, for AI, we don’t generally need powerful languages. Professionals use Python more because with Python handling neural network layers, loading data, launching the processing, and displaying the results is much easier.

As discussed above, people with no programming background can easily learn Python but using C++ in AI can be a difficult task for someone who has not a strong programming background.

Considering its efficiency, performance, and memory controlling ability, C++ can be a good programming language in certain cases of AI.     

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