Top 5 Benefits of Choosing a Good Web Hosting for Your Business

Web Hosting

Have you ever rented a house or a shop or perhaps any space for that matter? If yes, you would agree that a sound relationship with the landlord goes a long way, isn’t it? There are perks involved, from house maintenance to support during emergencies. 

Well, the web isn’t so dissimilar to conventional property renting. Here, you rent your website on the World Wide Web. A hosting provider helps you lend space for a certain period. 

It’s essential that the hosting provider you choose is competent. In other words, it must compliment you in your efforts to drive traffic on Google — well, that’s what every business looks forward to in the modern-day. 

First off, how to know if the Hosting Provider is Good for Your Business? 

Choosing the right hosting provider entails reviewing all the top options and then comparing their offerings with what you want. 

To that end, there are some facets that must be assessed to make a decision about associating with a hosting company. 

1. Is the Server Reliable?

web hosting

A hosting provider lends you a server on the world wide web. You see, this server can’t be weak. In other words, it can’t be a breeding ground for an unstable network. If that’s the case, the hosting is not worth it. 

2. What is their Uptime?

Uptime accounts for the availability of a website in a region. In that regard, uptime should ideally be 100% — i.e., the website is active every second for the entire year. However, that’s almost impossible due to the irregularities in the server. To that end, any hosting provider with an uptime score above 99.5 % and preferably 99.9% is good to go.

3. Do they provide security?

Cyberthreats loom large, especially in 2021 when almost everything is digital. Therefore, it becomes essential to safeguard your website from malicious intents. That said, you must ensure that the web hosting you choose constitutes in-built shield protection against viruses, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks.

4. Is their customer support good?

The most important aspect of any business is customer issue resolving. Since the website is a dynamic solution, it might encounter issues every now and then. So, it’s extremely critical that you choose a web hosting provider who preferably has been awarded for 24/7 customer support. 

But wait! How would I know if the hosting providers are addressing the above concerns?

You can get a comprehensive insight into the workings of the web hosting providers by adhering to this approach.

  1. Type in the hosting company’s name along with the keyword “review” on Google. You’ll notice that people are writing about them and that, too, quite comprehensively. Sites like Wpbeginner and Digital are excellent for reading detailed reviews. 
  2. Alternatively, you can go through threads on Quora and Reddit. These platforms constitute mostly honest reviews about hosting providers. 
  3. Thoroughly examine their website, hover through the pricing page, and compare their important features. 

Do you want to know which one we suggest, read the article here.

Here’s How You’d Benefit from Choosing a Good Web Hosting for Your Business

1. Your Site Performance Would Soar

Back in 2011, a study revealed that users judge a website in about 50 milliseconds. Fast forward to 2021, and the time for making an impression would have reduced even further. Thus, there’s no denying that your site’s performance matters the most. 

A good hosting provider complements the site’s performance by helping the site, and the associated pages load faster. The loading speed is also one of the metrics that Google takes into account for ranking the websites — so that’s a win-win. 

2. Your Site Will Always be Active

This is a no-brainer, to be honest. Uptime is an essential metric while considering hosting a provider, and the companies understand that. Every good hosting provider would promise an uptime of approximately 99.9%. 

This would mean that your website will always be online unless you’re making some changes and have put it on maintenance. Some hosting providers go as far as to claim that, for the amount of downtime, they would credit the amount back to your account.

3. Your Site Will be Well-Secured

web hosting

Security, as mentioned above, is a big factor in this day and age. A good web hosting provider would facilitate a secure space for you to do your business. This space’s security would be ensured by multiple levels of protection from datacentres to firewalls to site-specific plugins. 

Besides, the ideal hosting provider would be honest about the offerings and would further recommend you to commit to additional security layers.

4. You Will have Access to a Variety of Features

This is subjective since the facilitation, and the subsequent leveraging of features depend on what you need from your hosting provider. For that reason, you will have to identify a web host, which will cater to your requirements and would help your business in every way possible.

For instance, if you’d want to look professional, your web host would provide you with a professional (branded) email address.

5. You’ll Always Feel in Good Hands

There’s only one answer to an increase in customer satisfaction — competent 24/7 technical support. Favorably, the top web hosting providers in the world do understand this. They’ll always help you out with the resolution of technical glitches regardless of the time and place you’re in. 

In a Nutshell

Choosing an outstanding hosting solution is challenging but what’s even more critical is understanding what you require. Therefore, before committing to a web host, you must outline all the things you would prefer for your website. 

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