Photorealistic Color 3D Holograms on Smartphones! A Myth or a Reality of a Bright Future?

3D holograms on smartphones

Are 3D holograms in real-time possible on a smartphone? Will it happen in 2021 or do we have to wait for some more time? Which technology makes it possible?

Photorealistic color 3D holograms on smartphones are now definitely a reality, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, it’s still a long journey to go and we will surely see some epic developments. Holograms are a great way of viewing 3D imagery. And now we can witness holograms on smartphones!

If you’re unaware of holograms, have a look at the “Dove” positioned on your Visa cards. This “Dove” looks simply amazing and we can see many different angles of that same dove in a 3D model. This is an accurate example of a Hologram.

Nonetheless, there’s so much more this technology can offer to us. Even much better if it comes in smartphones!

So, let’s explore everything about holograms and their advent on smartphones!

Here we go!

  • What are Holograms?

Holograms are responsible for displaying a picturesque, detailed, and very beautiful 3D image of the world around us! These holograms make you see a different picture as you change your own position.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled us to enjoy photorealistic 3D holograms right on the smartphone.

Besides, such images or videos are too easy to watch. No strain, no stress, yet, you enjoy to the core!

Therefore, scientists are continuously trying to bring this astonishing technology to smartphones. 3D displays can literally give you a serious headache. Nonetheless, with holograms, the case is different!

Each hologram is filled with a lot of data in order to make you see the depth of an image. Therefore, building such imagery is a huge task and requires a lot of firepower. So, earlier, only super-computers were able to manage this hefty task.

Nevertheless, now even smartphones are in the race! But, How and When? That’s the question!

  • Are Holograms on smartphones even possible?

You would have found this concept an absurd one, or far from reality if you were sitting in 2001 or something. However, in today’s time, it’s actually becoming a reality. Holograms on smartphones are building hype as no one could ever imagine.

The scientists are working day and night in order to reduce the amount of data, required in a hologram.

The research took place at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The scientists present for the research found an exceptional way of producing holograms in a blink of an eye with a method known as “Deep Learning”.

The researchers remarked that it can help in having holograms on laptops, smartphones, and similar devices within split seconds.

When you capture a photo, the output consists of several colors. But, the image remains to be flat. However, with holograms, there is a combination of brightness and phases of light waves. Hence, the output seems to be crystal-clear and extremely close to reality.

  • What are the challenges of having holograms on smartphones?

The biggest challenge is the manipulation of data. As mentioned above, a hologram consists of a huge amount of data that needs a super-computer to function. So, in order to shrink the data, without spoiling the result remains to be the biggest challenge.

However, with time, developments will occur and you’ll see a cheerful tomorrow!

  • What similar technology is available now or in development?

In order to make this happen, scientists have definitely worked really hard. It’s their hard work that today we’re hoping for an astonishing technology. Earlier, scientists replaced physics simulations with simple lookup tables. It was an attempt to reduce the amount of data. However, the imagery was not satisfactory as there was a loss of details in the process.

  • What are the benefits of users having holograms on smartphones?

There will be a number of benefits of having holograms on your device. Let’s discuss them:

  • Feeling people closely no matter at what distance they might be


Phone conversations will witness a 360-degree change! You’ll be able to completely feel the presence of the person while talking to him/her on a smartphone. They will appear as if they are present in the same room as you. Hence, the experience will be extraordinary, bringing you closer to your loved ones.

  • Medicare will be incredibly different

Holograms Medical

Today, you might have to go to the doctor in order to explain your situation to him/her. Nonetheless, with this technology, you will never have to go out and see a doctor. Instead, the doctor would be able to examine you directly through your smartphone using 3D holograms.

  • Experience education like never before


Education will be startling, to say the least. You will receive exceptional education through holograms. These would depict imagery in real-time so that you don’t miss any concept!

  • Business meetings on the go

Hologram meeting

Now, there’s no need to bear boring conferences, bringing nothing positive to the table. Through this technology in smartphones, the conferences will be 3D based. There will be an actual representation of how things are going to work.

  • Holograms on smartphones will beef-up security

Hologram Security

Security measures that seem pretty useless these days will see a huge change with holograms on smartphones. Your security will be in your hands and you’d be able to analyze everything and take an action on the spot!

The Bottom Line

So, holograms on smartphones are definitely a REALITY! The time is not too far when the technology will be in the hands of every kid and adult. The technology will be the beginning of a new era, delivering a smooth experience and an extraordinary change in how you view pictures or videos.

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