Is Blazor The Future In Web App Development?

Blazor for Web App Development

The environment of web app development is evolving dramatically. The new players in the industry have entered into space with a bang! The competition is tough and you have to pick the best bet!

Likewise, Blazor is a fresh hot topic in the market. In 2021 and years after, Blazor and web app development will go hand in hand. It’s a brand-new client-side UI framework, developed by the team of ASP.NET. The best part about Blazor is that you will be able to create extremely interactive User Interfaces using HTML, CSS, and C# instead of Javascript which has become quite obsolete now.

Microsoft allows the developers to create applications using .NET language, libraries, and runtimes while remaining inside the browser. The move has definitely stepped up the game now and might prove to be the biggest thing of the future in the field of web app development.

However, developers still think of it as a gimmick, considering the Silverlight experiment! But, is Blazor really going to have the same fate as Silverlight? Or will it exceed expectations to become the FUTURE?

Reasons to opt for Blazor for Web App Development

  • A superb alternative to Javascript

Javascript takes a lot of time and effectiveness is reduced while dealing with dates, numbers, and figures. While, on the other hand, Blazor is versatile and highly interactive. It saves your time and offers great tools to increase productivity at all levels. Plus, it’s easier to understand and quite modern to use.

  • External vendors support Blazor

Within the industry of web app development, external support means a lot. External vendors fully support Blazor, bearing in mind that the framework originates directly from Microsoft.

It’s still a fresh framework, yet, it has got the external support to boast about. Apart from that, the development community is also quick to work on Blazor. Therefore, it’s actually getting recognition in real-time.

Those developers who are coming from the background of Javascript and WebAssembly are appreciating it a lot more because of the versatility of Blazor.

Hence, it’s predicted that by 2025, Blazor would endlessly rule the web app development industry.

  • Blazor demands nothing extra from the end-users

Blazor stands out in front of the crowd as it doesn’t demand anything extra from the end-users. In fact, end-users would not even have the knowledge regarding Blazor being behind a web application.

Such would be the experience of developers. On top of that, developers love to seamlessly work without getting hindered. Hence, they would not even feel any difference between Blazor and Javascript, HTML, or CSS.

Plus, Blazor provides support on every type of browser. Whether it’s a mobile browser or a desktop browser, you would not have to constantly switch between browse as an end-users!

Blazor is completely plugin-free which means you’ll not have to install any plugins like other frameworks.

  • Blazor comes with uncountable development tools to play with

It being a part of Microsoft offers numerous development tools. These development tools prove to be extremely useful for all kinds of developers. Whether you are a new developer or a professional and an experienced developer, you will definitely thank Microsoft for providing countless development tools in the shape of Visual Studio Code.

Want to know what’s more exciting about it? Well, it’s free to use and experiment in order to create breathtaking web wonders!

It’s available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. So, it’s definitely a welcoming sign for all those who use diverse operating systems.

  • Blazor greets your .NET skills with open arms

If you are a veteran web app developer, having all the .NET skills, you will not face any problem getting accustomed to Blazor. Blazor has made sure that all your .NET skills are fully aligned with the usage of Blazor.

Although you will require to put in some extra efforts. But, it would not be like learning a full-fledged new framework. You will notice a number of similarities that will make your work easier!

Hence, you will not waste much time and just after a hands-on experience, you will be able to experiment with Blazor.

Thus, if your armory is filled with .NET skills and lacks Javascript knowledge, then Blazor is definitely the way to proceed! Because in near future, Blazor is all set to replace Javascript!

  • Reuse the code and save your time with Blazor

As mentioned above, developers having .NET skills will be able to easily comprehend Blazor. So, they will also be able to reuse the code from the back-end to the front-end and vice versa. You will have the authority to put code anywhere you want to!

It’s completely your choice to run client-side code directly in the browser. Or you can also disconnect a part of it and place it on the server.

If you choose to separate a part of the code, then the server will receive the client-side UI events. Plus, the client will receive UI changes from the server.

It’s a great way of releasing stress from the shoulders of the client side. It fairly reduces the amount of time consumed.

.NET standards are out there for quite some time now. Therefore, developers do not feel out of the place and they can use the already-available libraries to speed up their work and efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Having discussed all the important things about Blazor, we can undoubtedly say that it definitely packs the punch for a bright future in the field of web app development. On the other hand, those developers who are already equipped with .NET skills will have to potential to grow even more while using Blazor.

Javascript has now turned old. It definitely requires a fresh and worthy replacement. Blazor can be that replacement without any second thought!

However, companies who have already hired Javascript professionals might take a bit of time to revolutionize their workings. Nonetheless, Blazor and web app development will go extrem

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